Netboot allows to remote boot a computer over an IP network without access to a hard disk or a diskette. It is therefore ideally suited for diskless or thin clients using an x86 processor.

Netboot is open source software licensed by the GNU GPL, and contains all necessary tools including a PXE compliant bootrom. Operating systems supported on the diskless client are Linux, FreeBSD and many DOS variants.

News about the Netboot project:

netboot version 0.10.2 released!
2007-04-22 12:28
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Fixed a typo in netboot 0.10.1
2006-07-30 06:01
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netboot version 0.10.1 released!
2006-07-28 03:46
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New netboot version 0.10
2006-01-08 08:34
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Fifth preview of netboot 0.10
2005-11-05 03:00
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Fourth preview of netboot 0.10
2005-04-25 14:57
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